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Umanga 0ffers a wide range of healthy snacks to choose from, which  have passed through multiple quality checks to ensure a satisfying experience . We Offer both veg & non veg  products ranging from chapati and Paneer Momos to Chicken Kashmiri Seekh Kebab

aloo paratha 400 x 300.png
_k. seekh k 400 x 300 (1).png
 Paneer Triangles
seekh  400 x 300.png
ChickenKashmiri Seekh Kebab
lab falafel   400 x 300.png
 Lakhnavi Kebab
PEAS  400 x 300.png
Green Peas
MUTTON SPRING RO 00 x 300.png
Chicken Spring Roll
Sweet corn  x 300.png
Sweet Corn 
malabar paratha  x 300.png
Malabar Paratha
onion paratha  x 300.png
Pyaaz   Paratha 
samose    400 x 300.png
Veg Samosa 
gREEN  MOMOS400 x 300.png
Chicken Spring Rolls
Chicken Momos.JPG
Chicken Momos
mixed veg  400 x 300.png
Mixed Veg 
samosa chciekn 400 x 300.png
Chicken  Samosa 
ajwain parag ax 300.png
Ajwain Paratha 
Curly Fries   400 x 300 (1).png
Crispy Seasoned Curly Fries
Wholewheat Chapati.jpg
Atta Chapati 
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