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Fish Sprng Rolls

Our zero oil absorbing spring rolls stuffed with flaky fish make an interesting blend of textures in this fun finger food. We use manually made thin sheets which make the spring rolls crunchier.These crispy fish spring rolls are a great meatless dish to enjoy all year round. They’re a tasty and addictive appetizer or snack you’d want to keep a big batch handy in the freezer AT all times.

Net Weight: 280g 

No of pieces: 8 pieces


Cooking Instructions

Do Not ThawTo Fry: Deep fry Frozen "Blue FlameBreaded Chicken Burger" in hot oil onmedium heat (180°c) for 3-5 Minutes ofuntil Golden brown, Drain & serve hot.


Halal Chicken Meat (78%), Water (76./50), Spice (4%), Salt (0.25%). (Coating: Battermix, Breader Mix, Starch, Refined Floue)CONTAINS: Gluten.


Nutrition Facts

(Per 100g)

Energy​ (Kcal)                         214.2     

  Protein (g)                           17.9

Fat (g)                                    2.8         

  Sugar (g)                              1

Carbohydrate (g)                5               

Sodium (mg)                       190

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