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Spinach Potato Samosa 

Samosa, the most famous street snack, gets a makeover! We have used POTATO  and  SPINACH green chillies instead of the usual potato mix. This is one variation of potato , which has high amounts of  vitamins and can be enjoyed with a cup of hot masala chai. Samosas taste the best when served hot with mint or coriander chutney. You can prepare these samosas on  parties where guests are always up for crunchy munchies simply by heating a hot oil pan. Try our chilly paneer samosa at home relish its Indian flavours.

शुद्ध वजन: 240g 

टुकड़ों की संख्या: 10 टुकड़े


Cooking Instructions

Do Not ThawTo Fry: Deep fry Frozen  tasty fresh  Spinach potato samosa " in hot oil onmedium heat (180°c) for 3-5 Minutes ofuntil Golden brown, Drain & serve hot.


Potato , spinach  , Water (76./50), Spice (4%), Salt (0.25%).  Refined FlourCONTAINS: Gluten.

samosa fry.jpg

Nutrition Facts

(Per 100g)

Energy​ (Kcal)                         214.2     

  Protein (g)                           17.9

Fat (g)                                    4g       

  Sugar (g)                              0

Carbohydrate (g)                13g              

Sodium (mg)                       190

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