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Seekh Kebab
Mutton samosas

हमारे बारे में

With  Our 50 Years of Experience in Frozen foods hygiene and Distribution, we bring you in-house food products made with the freshest ingredients and Frozen within an hour to preserve freshness and flavour. We stand for no compromise with taste and Quality for our customers. Our obsession with quality coupled with a drive to satisfy your taste buds have made us The leading brand in the frozen food industry in India.

Sirius Foods has a variety of healthy snacks and Paratha products to choose from. We provide Healthy and tasty Options for meat- eaters which pass through several quality checks to ensure a great experience. From Our Crispy veg spring roll and chicken, and mutton spring Rolls to veg and Non-Veg Parathas, You Can now enjoy Delicious and healthy snacks from the comforts of your home.
Sweet Corn
 Chicken zing hot

Our Brands

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Our missionvision value

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Our Mission is to make lives healthier, easier and richer. Sirius Foods nourishes lives.  

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Energy, Excitements & Excellence Do things Better than anyone else in the Industry.



To provide a higher standard of quality products in this competitive market in the eyes of our customers. 

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