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French Fries 

French Fries are very crispy and  fresh . Our brand using  good quality of potatoes .Not the regular French fries. These are specially made from Belgian potatoes to get the perfect 9X9 mm size. You will relish the crispiness of these for longer time for sure . On the top of everything these French Fries  doesn’t contain any preservatives, colour, artificial flavours  and trans-fat. you can enjoy them with mint, coriander or schezwan chutney and soft drink. A perfect combination to fulfil your taste bud craving.

Net Weight : 400 gm.



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Cooking Instructions

Potato (cut 9*9 mm) and vegetable oil


1. Preheat the oil in pan (max temperature upto 175C.
2. Take the product from the freezer. Fry directly
Do not thaw
3. Put the desired quantity gently in hot oil and deep
fry for 3 minut

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Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g

Energy​                         134kcal​

Fat                                  8.2g

of which saturates

Carbohydrate             4.1g

Protein                          14.2g

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