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Chicken Spring Roll 

This appetising, ready to eat snack is filled with flavourful chicken to turn your day around, in just milliseconds!


This instant frozen meal is urge to make your day! You can cherish the delightful taste of our frozen food products which is made up with great love and care.


The recipe of Chicken Spring Rolls  includes flavourful authentic Indian spices. You can make your own burger with your recipe just in two minutes.

Chicken Spring Rolls.jpg

         Cooking Instructions

Do not Thaw. For best result, deep fry frozen "Blue Flame chicken spring Rolls" in oil on medium heat (180°C) for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown. Drain and server hot.


Pastry: Wheat flour, water & salt. 
Filling: Halal chicken Breast Meat, cabbage (23.73%), Capsicum(9.26%), Soya Sauce (1.11%), Onions, Garlic powder, pepper powder, salt, flavour Enhancer E621 & Stabilizer E451(I).  (Meat content 44% in filling).

Content: Gluten and Soya.

 Fry Chicken Spring rolls

Nutrition Facts

(Per 100g)

        Energy​ (Kcal)              204       

        Protein (g)                     12

        Fat (g)                             2.9           

        NacI (mg)                      205

       Carbohydrate (g)       29.4               

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