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Breaded Chicken Burgers 

Filled with richness of  Chicken and most vegetable . Can be eaten as it is

after being fried or can be used to make tasty burgers.

Net Weight - 200gm 

frying the patties.JPG

Cooking Instruction

Do no thaw  "Deep Fry Frozen  "Blue Flame  Breaded Chicken Burger "in hot oil on medium heat (180c) for 3- 5 minutes  or until Golden brown .Drain & serve Hot.


Halal Chicken Minced (64%0, Soya protein ,Onion , Garlic ,Refined  flour, spice, breadcrumbs ginger, salt, refined flour , spice, green chilli,, lemon juice , coriander leaves 


Nutrition Facts 

Energy          214.2kcal

protein              17.9

Fat                      2.8g

Sugar                 1

Carbohydrates    5

Sodium                190

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