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Methi Paratha 

A flavoured Paratha, made using only fresh Methi.  These flaky parathas are made with unleavened whole wheat dough and flavored with Methi. They pair well with many Indian sides. Methi  fulfils the twin purpose of adding flavor to the paratha and serves numerous health benefits. 
Methi paratha helps in improving digestion and hence these simple parathas are good to have when there is a heavy side dish or a meal.it.

Methi paratha is a healthy tasty whole wheat flatbread made with fenugreek leavesThese methi ke parathe are packed with flavor and nutrition. Plus they are a great healthier alternative to plain

Weight: 400g

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Cooking Instructions

Take the Methi Paratha directly from the freezer. No need to thaw. Remove the plastic dough sheet. Place the paratha on a pre-heated pan. Heat it 3-4 minutes (on a medium flame) flipping every 30 seconds and pressing the paratha gently until both the surfaces turn golden brown. Serve hot.

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Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g

Energy​                               207kcal

Fat                                               10.2

of which saturates

Carbohydrate                            17.7

of which sugars

Protein                                       10.1                                       

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