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Malabar Paratha 

A multi-layered, crispy paratha originally from Southern India. Superb accompaniment to any meal .This Malabar paratha flatbread is a popular Indian breakfast which is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Along with the potato stuffing, various spices are added. As a result, its wonderful lip-smacking bread doesn't require any sides to go with. However, a little scoop of pickle or a raita made of yoghurt or curd makes it a perfect combo meal. Another difference is that with most parathas, you roll and fold the dough to get the layers, whereas the parotta belongs to a sub-type in which the dough is rolled into a ball and then into a long rope, which is coiled and then rolled out again

Weight : 400g

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Cooking Instructions

Take the Malabar Paratha directly from the freezer. No need to thaw. Remove the plastic dough sheet. Place the paratha on a pre-heated pan. Heat it 3-4 minutes (on a medium flame) flipping every 30 seconds and pressing the paratha gently until both the surfaces turn golden brown. Serve hot.


Maida(56%), Water(56%), Water(20%), Milk(14%), Sugar, Butter, Reefined Oil, Salt.

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Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g

Energy​                               169kcal

Fat                                       7.6g

of which saturates

Carbohydrate                     3.5g

of which sugars

Fibre                                     4.1g

Protein                                 3.6g

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