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Chicken Smoky Sausages 

 Another option is your  chicken smoky sausages  is filled with  smoky flavour  and made with well seasoned meat. It is professionally prepares using the highest quality material. These mild -flavoured sausages are a perennial party favorite. They're created  with chicken and traditional  seasonings. 

Weight : 400g

Chicken Smoky Sausage
  grill Sausages

 Cooking Instruction 

Thaw Completely 

Grill, Fry & boil until heated through.



Halal chicken Meat (77%),Soya ,Protein ,Corn starch , salt , anti oxidant ,(INS316),Spices and Condiments . 


Contain added flavour : Natural and Nature Identical Flaouring Substances 

Nutrition Facts 

Total Fat                    12g 

Carbohydrate             0g

Protein                        17g

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