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Chicken   SchezwanSausages 

Chicken Schezwan sausages are a delectable fusion of flavors that combine the succulent goodness of chicken with the bold and spicy essence of Schezwan cuisine. These sausages are a delightful culinary creation, where tender chicken meat is blended with a rich mixture of Schezwan sauce, aromatic spices, and seasonings. The result is a sausage that offers a tantalizing combination of heat, umami, and savory goodness in every bite. These sausages are often enjoyed as a versatile ingredient, whether grilled, pan-fried, or added to various dishes. Their frozen form ensures convenience, making them readily available for quick and satisfying meals

Chicken Schezwan Sausages in a plate
Chicken Schezwan Sausagesin a plate

Cooking Instruction 

 Thraw Completely  

Grill, Fry or boil Until   heated Through


Halal Meat , Soya Protein, corn starch ,salt & oxidant

spices & condiments.

sausages with Hot dog ready to eat

Nutrition Facts

       Protein (g)                     17g

        Fat (g)                             0g           

        NacI (mg)               570mg

       Carbohydrate (g)          2g     

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