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Chicken Shammi Kebab

Right from the Royal Mughals kitchens of South Asia, we bought frozen Chicken Shammi Kebab which is overloaded with your favourite chicken and egg. We made the delicious ready to eat snack with the original recipe of Mughlai Tradition. The soft delectable texture of this instant snack will tempt you to eat till your heart is not satisfied. You will have the euphoria with the aroma of Shammi kebab which is made up of authentic Indian herbs with the Mughlai recipe. This Shammi Kebab is composed of small patty minced chicken chunks with ground chickpeas, and egg to hold it together with spices. 

Net Weight: 240g 

No of pieces: 8 pieces

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Cooking Instructions

                         To be shallow Fried


Chicken Skinless (39.10 6), Water (39.10%), Soaked Chana Dal (7.62%), Onion Paste, Egg Whole, Green Chilli Paste, Garlic Paste, Potato Flakes, Chicken Masala Powder Salt, Ginger Paste.
Contains: Egg.

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Nutrition Facts

(Per 100g)

Energy​ (Kcal)                     64.5         

Protein (g)                           9.2

Fat (g)                                  1.7           

 Sugar (g)                            0.5

Carbohydrate (g)               2               

Sodium (mg)                      301

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